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Guizhou province Kaili is one with a long history, has been widely praised, with high social visibility of the school in Guizhou, Guizhou Province Department of the earliest identified a provincial key middle schools of Guizhou Province,is the provincial ( two) model high school, Qiandongnan high school education is the vanguard。

Guizhou province in Kaili founded in 1941, from its beginning has been nearly seventy-one years of history, she isthe first in Guizhou Province identified one of the provincial key middle school, also in Qiandongnan, the first provincial demonstrative high school. The school was founded in the early 1941 " furnace furnace town hillelementary school teacher training institute, " 1950 March, the Zhenyuan agency according to Guizhou province people's government " on rectifying and secondary school ( Draft) " an interim measures, the original provincialfurnace mountain is normal, furnace hill county middle school, Taijiang County Junior high school, thunder hill countyjunior middle school four school merger, at the old Kaili palace built " Guizhou provincial furnace Hill junior high school ". At the beginning of 1951 in Kaili east of the city of Ma'anshan other college buildings, in November 16th changed the name for Guizhou Province furnace hill middle school. 1956 September high school department,renamed in 1957 Guizhou province Kaili national high school. In 1959 under the state of tube, in 1961 changed its name to " Kaili the first middle school ". In 1963 August, the provincial education department has been identified as the province's 9 key school, facing the Quanzhou admissions. 1966 - 1969 has renamed Yonghong middle school,Kaili is new in. 1970 was the first secondary school in Kaili. After the cultural revolution, in 1978 by the provincialpeople's government as education advanced collectives and once again clear one in Kaili as the first batch ofprovincial key middle school. In 1984, under the leadership of Kaili City, called " the first middle school of Kaili city ".From 1981 to 1984, every year from Majiang, Danzhai, Taijiang, Jianhe, Liping, thunder, Congjiang, Rongjiang and other minority county for a national high school. After 1984, annual still from municipal rural areas to recruit minorityhigh school. 1987 stopped hiring junior high school classes. In 1990 September, junior high school all graduated,only for the single senior high school. In 1994 the school restructuring, began to recruit two junior high school classes and for Quanzhou ( Tianzhu, county except) enrolled 100 students in high school, the formation of the statenational class, named Qiandongnan national high school, two brands, a forces, is the Kaili municipal pipe. 2000stopped hiring junior high school classes. 2000 start stop using Qiandongnan national high school name. 2006 -2008 began to recruit high school class Hongzhi, a total of three students, mainly from Qiandongnan, Qiannan, Zunyiand Tongren; 2009 stopped hiring class hongzhi. In 2012, nearly 7000 students, students mainly ( 85%) from Kaili City, 15% students from Qiandongnan County, a total of 98 high school classes.

After the liberation of the party and the government's care, the school had make a spurt of progress of development,from a small enrollment middle school become the enrollment for the province's provincial key middle school, for the country to cultivate a large number of outstanding talents, many of which have become a doctor, Professor, singer,many more students to become governor, governor of Miao nationality other important leaders, mayor. Since reforming and opening, the flower education flower vied with each other, created another brilliant performance: since 1977 since the resumption of college entrance examination, one in Kaili have to colleges and universities throughout the country transport nearly thousands of qualified freshmen. Since 1982, Kaili has successively by Chen Xiaoying,Yang Jianying, Sun Jun, Tan Lei, Huang Xiaoqian, Liao Yan Yang Tao and 6 students with excellent performancewon the top scorer, with 18 people were subject to save the first college entrance examination. In the variousdisciplines in the competition of more than 70 people at the one or two, three prize, and more than 200 million won the one or two, three prize. In recent years, there are more than 20 students admission to Tsinghua University,Zhejiang University, Nanjing University and Fudan University and other institutions of higher education. Over the past few years Kaili college entrance examination two of the above rates remain above 85%. Kaili takes the construction of the educational environment, Guizhou Province Office of education was first awarded the "green school " and "modern education technology ". On 2001, Kaili was named " national mass sports advanced collective ". In 2002 was named the national " carry out " working regulations of PE at school " outstanding school ". In 2002, by the Guizhou Province Department of education steering room assessment, as Qiandongnan 's first provincial demonstrative high school. Guizhou Province in 2003 was awarded the " five one " working advanced collective, judged 2004 for Guizhou province public school art collective. In 2007 by the Nanjing University Award for " outstanding student base", in 2009 by the Beijing Jiaotong University Award for " outstanding student base ". 2008--2012 Qiandongnan "China Life Insurance Cup " middle school track and Field Games team scores first; in 2011 the province's youthbasketball male, female two groups of second, the province's Junior Football Championship in 2012 second;Quanzhou high school basketball male, female two groups first, in 2012 the province's high school basketball male,two female a group of first and third; college entrance examination in 2011 two students entered the province of Guizhou before 10, in 2012 the college entrance examination result, the 434 people, two of the 823 enrolled students, two the above number 93%. For two consecutive years won the Qiandongnan state high school education and teaching quality award.

One in Kaili is now a school district two ( all new campus, wash the horse river old campus), all new campus has 87 high school classes, the total number of staff 412 people, with more than 5000 students. All the new campus in the fall of 2011 have been put into use, the Municipal People's government investment of nearly 400000000 yuan,construction area of 327 mu, building area of 109553 square meters, set teaching building, office building, the art building, technology building, library, student apartments, teachers' apartment, cafeteria, gymnasium, track and fieldfacilities in one modern school. At present the school a school district two flat management pattern has been basically formed, high-quality educational resources to expand and benefit the majority of the people.

Schools to "strict, diligent, into love, " as the motto, in the construction of the " happy school " concept under the guidance, the school into " with national characteristics, the leading domestic first-class modern, internationalizationdemonstration school " as the goal of running a school。 " Work hard and perseveringly, self-confidence, dare tothink, the pursuit of excellence" for the campus spirit; " all-round development, the pursuit of excellence " for thecharacteristics of running a school。

My school is in 70 years of struggle and development process of constantly sum up, forming a " all-round development, the pursuit of excellence " characteristics of running a school, especially in the cultivation of students' autonomous management, excellence, extra-curricular practice obtains major breakthrough.

In the talent cultivation for students' development, the vision of the growth of the students, to provide for theeducation, in cultivating students to enhance the process of education and teaching level。 Talents cultivation mode,has become one of the main features of Kaili school, all the teachers and students is the consensus and the vast majority of parents and the community's recognition。 Kaili has a total of six students in the college entrance examination scores first achieved good results, has more than 20 students enrolled in Peking University, more than 30 students enrolled at Tsinghua University, in academic competitions, there were hundreds of prizes, there are hundreds of students in Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Tongji University, Fudan University and other keyuniversity。

On the students' independent management, students can find self value, explore their own potential, to establish theself development target, formed to adapt to social development and to promote individual and social development of the consciousness and the ability of an educational management mode. Students from passive management to active participation, so that students from self-discipline under the premise of the confidence to independence, from the independent to independence, from the independent to self-improvement, is helpful for the students' lifelong development, is conducive to the improvement of students' comprehensive quality.

In extra-curricular activities, the school has more than 30 various types of associations. Extra-curricular activities are rich and colorful, make overall development covering the whole student, let them in the activities of research cooperation, mutual help, choose the most suitable for their own growth and development, in schools and under the guidance of teachers, and found that life bright spot, enjoy success and happiness, for the success of the progress,to maximize the realization of the value of life.

In the national high school full implementation of the new curriculum reform and development in Guizhou under the background of new era, school is to study mainly from college entrance examination education to the students' future development of responsibility education。 The school 's mission is to increase the ratio of connotation development,carry, courageously try to be the first, the pursuit of excellence; in " pioneering new road, dare to break through,dare to win " three can promote the spirit, further put forward with " happy campus " to lead the school development,striving for a class of provincial demonstrative high school and the well-known national the characteristics of modern,internationalization demonstration school。

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