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Tongji University professor Chen Ming three lecture briefing

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Tongji University professor Chen Ming, three experts

Visit our school to give lectures

2012 -- Kaili in a " Tongji University ' nursery program ' " special subject lecture

October 24, 2012 afternoon 15:00, Tongji University professor Chen Ming ( the College of Engineering ), Professor Ma Guofeng, Professor Liu Chuanlian came to our school to "Tongji University ' nursery plan for students ' " do "on the Tongji University related professional interpretation of " special subject training seminars. The talks, chaired by President Wang Haiqing, attended the school, 377 students attend.

For further improving the "Tongji University ' nursery program ' " work, three experts to visit our school guidance. First of all, Chen Ming Dean of Tongji University and the Tongji University Faculty of engineering setting are introduced in detail, and the " nursery plan" the implementation of recommendations and requirements. Secondly, Professor Ma Guofeng of Tongji University School of economics and management related to the interpretation of. Once again, Liu Chuanlian professor of Tongji University Marine Institute of professional interpretation. The three experts to update the ideas of personnel training, explore diversified talent training model as a guide, all-around introducing the " nursery " culture, the enrollment policy and senior high school students should have the quality. According to the " nursery ", Dean also pointed out : from learning, innovative achievements in scientific research as well as a structured interview to comprehensive assessment " nursery program " students, so as to train a high level, high quality, high capacity of the country need to.

On the meeting, President Wang Haiqing asked three experts on my school to carry out " the nursery program " work in progress, and three experts with the support and endorsement。

( Yang Zaiyou )

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